Bukchon Experience
  • Introduction to Seoul City Wall Division
  • The Bukchon Preservation Project

Seoul City Wall (Historical Site No. 10) is the wall that surrounds Seoul which has been the capital city from the Joseon Dynasty (previous name: Seoul Fortress), and it has served its role as the city wall for the longest period (1396~1910) and is the largest one among currently existing city walls in the world. By administrative district, it lies from Jeongro-gu to Jung-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Yongsan-gu, and Seodaemun-gu, and the total length is 18,627km. Seoul City Wall Division is pushing forward with a variety of programs to restore the identity of the historical city, Seoul, and promote the designation of the city as the UNESCO World Heritage through the systematic preservation, management, and use of the Seoul City Wall.

Details of Major Projects
• Establishment of the master plan for the preservation, management, and utilization of Seoul City Wall
• Promote the repair, restoration, maintenance and repair of Seoul city wall
• Planning and implementation of as well as domestic and overseas public relations for Seoul City Festival
• Development tour courses in Seoul and operation of citizen programs
• Operation of Seoul Advisory Committee and Tourist Information Center
• Promotion of urban restoration related operations such as the improvement of villages around the capital
• Establishment of the master plan and strategy to promote the designation of Seoul as the UNESCO World
• Overseas public relations such as international academic symposium and international advertisement
  to promote the designation of Seoul as the UNESCO World Heritage
• Promotion of Seoul related academic researches the production of documentary films
• Establishment of plans for the preservation and improvement of hanok (Korean-style house)
• Utilization and management of hanok (Korean-style house) as well as non-Korean-style house on
• Development and operation of culture and tourism programs in hanok (Korean-style house)
  concentrated area
• Promotion and PR marketing of traditional culture in hanok (Korean-style house) concentrated area
• Operation of Hanok (Korean-Style House) Committee

Seoul City Wall Division, 5Fl. Seosomun Annex 1-dong, 15, Deoksugung-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

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