Bukchon Story

In the 2000s, Bukchon transformed into a place where contemporary society and tradition coexist. During this time, people added modern architectural elements to the traditional hanoks in Bukchon.
Moreover, people started new kinds of businesses such as cafeterias, restaurants, boutiques and galleries in hanoks.
This change started especially in Samcheong-dong and spread gradually through the whole Bukchon area.

the View of Bukchon and Seoul from  Gahoe-dong, 31
Samcheong-dong Hanok Cafe

Nowadays Bukchon is one of the leading, and most loved, cultural places in Seoul with its unique sense that comes from the stark contrast between reinterpreted hanoks made of steel and glass and ultra-modern-minimal buildings.
Moreover, Bukchon is favorite spot in Seoul for youth; indeed, it is common to see young couples on dates in hanok-style restaurants.