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Symbol Mark

Bukchon Hanok Village’s symbol signifies the harmonization of traditional beauty with modern urbanity. The symbol of Bukchon Hanok Village is composed of meaningful Korean words and a picture of the Korean Hanok.

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icon A form of signature and application

A signature is the most effective means to make the public aware of the Bukchon Hanok Village. Thus, preventing any damages to the image of the signature is needed, and by using the original copy, the size policies have to be adjusted very accurately as well.

Exclusive color

The color of the symbol - dancheong (the traditional multicolored paintwork used on wooden houses) on a white background is - also important.

Other colors

When using a color other than the main color of the Bukchon Hanok Village, the colors are restricted except for the ones listed below.

  • Brown (Ancient Palace Brown)
  •  Reddish Brown
  •  Sky Blue (Seoul Sky Blue Color)
  • Green (Nam-San Green Color)
  • Gold (Golden Star Color)
  • Silver (Silver Star Color)
  • White
  • Black 70%
  • Black 100%