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The Civic Group for
Making the City in
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Want to Walk
(The Urban Action


This group preserves the culture, history, and environment of Bukchon. Since 1998, it has promoted many projects or campaigns, such as the Insa-dong Saranbang project, Insa-dong School Project, Sa-dong Street Festival for Children, and Campaign for Reviving Small Stores.
Moreover, it promotes the "Bukchon Cultural School," where people can learn the historical meaning and culture of Bukchon.
ㆍBukchon Cultural School
ㆍField Trip to Bukchon Historical Scene & Cultural Places
ㆍDesignation of Culture Keeper among citizens who completed the Bukchon Cultural School
ㆍBukchon Street Event for Children and Juveniles

The Bukchon Preservation Group

Bukchon is the historical, cultural and traditional village of Seoul. About five hundred people and residents of Bukchon who were heartbroken because of its destruction and desolation through Korea’s waring periods, formed the Bukchon Preservation Group.

The Bukchon Cultural Forum

In 2002 the Bukchon Cultural Forum was established by cultural figures who live and work in the historical and cultural village of Bukchon. It is a private, nonprofit organization organized to solve the problems of Bukchon. Since its establishment, the Bukchon Cultural Forum has made efforts to preserve the life and culture of Bukchon, and develop these creatively through a skillful mixture of the old and new. The Forum allows proposals or suggestions by experts to be applied to businesses and can monitor the administration, policies, and self-governing bodies related to problems in Bukchon and the municipal community. The Bukchon Cultural Forum holds four forums per year

ㆍThe Bukchon Cultural Forum Bureau
- Address : 219 Wonseo-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
- Tel : 02-747-1709, 2894

ㆍThe Principal Activities of the Bukchon Cultural Forum
- January 27, 2002 - Establishment ceremony & The first forum: "The Way of Bukchon – A Sustainable Way for Bukchon"
- May 18, 2002 - The second forum: "The Way of Bukchon – A Historic Walkway"
- November 9, 2002 - The third forum : "The Way of Bukchon – A Cultural map"
- May 13, 2003 - The fourth forum : "A Disappearing Modern Cultural Heritage - The Case of Koh Heedong's House"
- June 2003: The fifth forum is scheduled to be held.

The Hanok Village Keeper Group

The Hanok Village Keeper Group is a group of residents in Hanok Village in Gahoe-dong.
It was organized on June, 2002, for the purpose of making Gahoe-dong into an elegant hanok village – a vital residential area where tradition and history can be felt. Sixty-five house between 31 and 33 Gahoe-dong participate in this organization.

The Network of Citizens who Love Hanok (the Traditional Korean House)

Hansamo is the organization composed of people who love hanoks or traditional Korean houses. It endeavors to preserve and hand down the beauty of the hanok. They perform their activities both online and offline.
As of July, 2007, there are thirty offline members and a hundred and sixty-two online members. Since this organization was formed for the sake of hanoks, its members introduce good hanoks to other members, and visit and talk about hanoks together.

The Network of People Who Value Hanoks

The Network of People Who Value Hanoks is composed of people who are concerned about Korean traditional culture, particularly, residential culture and hanoks. It is interested in preserving hanok villages and urban beauty. This organization was established on August 23, 1999.

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation

Arumjigi prevents precious Korean traditional cultural heritage from being destroyed under the pretense of development and tourism.
ㆍThe Campaign for the Preservation of Designated or Undesignated Cultural Heritage
ㆍThe Proposal for the Improvement of Policy on the System Relating to Cultural Heritage
ㆍThe Increase of Value of Practical Application of Cultural Heritage
ㆍThe Creative Succession of the Korean Traditional Lifestyle
ㆍThe Improvement of Scenery in Cities and Othe Historic Sites
ㆍThe Education and Publicity Activities for Publicizing the Value of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage