• 31 Gahoe-dong
  • 11 Gahoe-dong
  • Samcheongdong-gil (Alley)
  • Bukchon Hanok 2-gil
  • Bukchon Hanok 3-gil
  • Jeongdok Public Library's Hwagae1-gil
  • Hwagae 4-gil
  • Gahoero 6-gil
  • Gamgodang-gil
  • The Stair-Rock

31 Gahoe-dong

31 Gahoe-dong has one of the oldest alleys in Seoul. In 1927, it was just a big field but Daechang Corporation developed this area in 1936. Considering topography and surroundings, hanoks started to be built.
At the intersection, there are far more three-forked roads than crossroads in the area. Walking through the alley of "Donmi pharmacy," you come across the 31 Gahoe alley, a three-forked road stretching to the north and south.
Here, you can see the beauty of Bukchon in one glance – a sight used in many advertisements. At both ends of the alley, many hanoks are standing. This alley runs to Samcheongdong-gil, running from the north to the south with some steep slopes towards the south.